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Bamboo chopping block

- May 22, 2017 -

As the name suggests, bamboo dishes, also known as bamboo plate. is to put on the stove in order to cut the vegetables to prevent damage of the spoken language called the dish board, written language that the chopping block. Before the plate to block, plastic, but because of easy to wear and damage to the plastic, the market is the main Dish board bamboo system.

When cutting cooked food, many families are accustomed to using traditional wooden dishes, and many young people favor plastic dishes. In fact, the food sent to the mouth is "mouth" the pass, wood plate easy to drop crumbs, and plastic dishes are easy to breed bacteria. Nowadays, the market has a bamboo plate, it is not only light, clean, and antibacterial function.

"Bamboo plate is safer than wood dish board and Plastic dish board." "Experts, the traditional use of wood plate is not safe, such as the production of Bai wood dishes, because Bai wood contains toxic substances, with it to cut cooked food will contaminate dishes, easy to cause vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness and other symptoms. There are also some wood more loose dish board, the surface easily produces knife marks, clean not thorough words, very easy to filth, breeding bacteria, contaminated food. Although the plastic dishes are beautiful and lightweight, if they are not dry, the bacteria are easy to reproduce and are not suitable for cutting cooked food.

and bamboo plate by high-temperature high-pressure treatment, with no cracking, no deformation, wear-resistant, hard, good toughness and other advantages, the use of light, health, smell fragrance. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, bamboo belongs to Gan-light and cold, and has certain inhibitory effect on bacteria reproduction. Therefore, when cutting cooked food, bamboo plate is a more ideal choice.

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