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Bamboo Toothpick Usage

- May 22, 2017 -

First of all, if there is no tooth plug phenomenon do not tick teeth, at the same time, to form a good habit of brushing every day. Second, do not carry toothpicks, because the toothpick head is more sharp, inadvertently into the esophagus, there is life risk, for teeth disease and food embedded in the teeth of consumers, can choose to use 100% degradation of the starch toothpicks; promote the use of clearance brush instead of toothpicks, Gap Brush is a clean tooth adjacent plaque food residue of the special small brush, the use of clearance brush for teeth cleaning effect is very good, but also to prevent periodontal disease, therefore, should be vigorously advocated. In addition, choose to use toothpicks, to choose Cork products, the surface should be smooth without thorns, cutting-edge can not be too sharp, should be sleek, to choose a better package, there are factory name, site, health license number, after the strict disinfection of the regular manufacturers of products, not placed in airtight containers and may cause contamination of toothpicks please do not use.

Consumer warning finally pointed out that the vast number of consumers to keep in mind, poor quality toothpicks pick teeth will make the teeth more bad.

Pick the right toothpick and use the correct method. Some people are eager to remove after the teeth, casually pick up what to tick, such as knives, match sticks, tacks, hairpins, etc., this is not only bad for teeth and periodontal tissue, but also increase the gap between teeth, causing more serious plug teeth. Toothpicks with hard, smooth burr-free, cross-section flat round or triangular for good, slightly thin tip. The toothpick enters the teeth and gums at a 45-degree angle and points to the direction of occlusion. Along the two teeth of each tooth surface slowly sliding, hard not too fast, too fierce. The side of the toothpick clings to the tooth surface several times. Finally Gargle.

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