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Cigar toothpick - cool toothpick

- Feb 27, 2018 -

Well, toothpick is that, on the table at ordinary times, how see how think soil terrapin, let a person cannot help with big gold teeth on overnight leeks, but true to his teeth a little something, temporarily can't find the words, very anxious to chopsticks sharpened and stabbed, also want to have to unless it then quick wonder -- so, strictly speaking, toothpick is just need to, or even just better than housing is matched to the rest of the things simple, main is think enough toothpick prick existing are cool enough? Give it to the designer:

Cigar toothpick (Daneson Toothpicks) - from Daneson company, we should not be on this planet found more cool than the toothpick, made of fine birch with cigar general small box packaging, opened was their plug the pipe is small, the wooden cork and Toothpicks, has generally become more proficient in waiting for them. And that's not to say, Daneson's toothpicks have a taste, every toothpick is savory, salty, lemon-flavored, vanilla, whiskey... In a word, even if you don't want to use it to pick your teeth, it's just a good thing to have.

Now, you say, when you have dinner with your friends, take this out of your coat pocket, and throw one (glass tube) at random, will you let the whole house be stunned? It's about $20 a box!



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