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Conservation of Bamboo Board

- May 22, 2017 -

Even with bamboo dishes, every day after cutting vegetables, it is best to disinfect the dish board, you can use the following methods: Wash Hot method. Use a hard brush and water to scrub the dishes, and then hot boiling, put in the sun drying, do not give the bacteria to roost;

After each use of the dish board (especially after chopping meat), scrape the surface of the food residue, remaining juice, scrub with water, and then into the brine (concentration of 15% or so) in the soak for 2 hours, and then remove the dry, so not only can kill bacteria, but also to prevent the plate dry. It is necessary to note that if the glue is glued to the bamboo plate, it is best not to put in hot water to boil, lest the vegetable plate split.

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