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Disinfection chopsticks to the consumer to have hundred profit without harm

- May 22, 2017 -

In any case, disinfection chopsticks for the vast number of consumers still have hundred benefits and no harm. A pair of chopsticks after cleaning, bleaching, high-temperature high-pressure, sterilization, microwave irradiation, packaging, such as 11 of processes, does give the public a reliable health protection. At the same time, it also successfully solved the bamboo, wood chopsticks easily moldy, easy to turn black and other difficult problems, a pair of chopsticks can be reused 8-10 times, disinfection, cleaning everything to achieve national health standards.

Clear advantages, see weaknesses, Nanning Tableware Disinfection Center is actively seeking solutions. The center adopted to each pair of chopsticks paste 1.5 cents, shorten the chopsticks length and other methods, as far as possible to reduce the cost of chopsticks disinfection, reduce the disinfection chopsticks and disposable wood chopsticks price gap. Health and environmental experts point out that disinfection chopsticks replaced disposable health chopsticks is the general trend.

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