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Disposable chopstick

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Refers to use disposable chopsticks chopsticks once is discarded, also known as the "chopsticks", "convenient chopsticks". Disposable chopsticks is a fast-paced society, life, to save our resources and lead to the product of the sharp decline in forest resources.

Main disposable chopsticks and disposable chopstick. Because health is convenient get the favour of catering industry, disposable chopsticks but disposable chopsticks cause destruction of the growing problem of forest land. Consumption is very big, the Chinese market all kinds of wooden chopsticks which consumes 45 billion pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks (consumes around 1.66 million cubic metres of wood). Each processing 5000 pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks consumes a poplar tree growth 30 years, the production of disposable wooden chopsticks every day consumes more than 100 mu of forest, a year a total of 36000 acres. And inferior chopsticks are not clean, just give a person a kind of health of the illusion.

And because the disposable chopstick is can use renewable bamboo production, economic and environmental protection, more and more widely used, our country also took advantage of the preferential policy of export tax refund, encourage the use of disposable chopstick instead of disposable chopsticks export, reduce the use of wood, to protect the forest.

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