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For you to inventory several commonly used chopsticks tableware disinfection method

- May 22, 2017 -

In this era of rising living standards, many people are no longer worried about eating, and in thinking how to make their own health, safety, rest assured, then as the food into the mouth of the tableware-chopsticks, its health problems have become our most concerned about the topic. Now let's talk about some of the chopsticks disinfection methods:

Boiling water disinfection: wash clean chopsticks into boiling water, soak 3-5 minutes appropriate.

Steam disinfection: The already washed chopsticks into the steam cabinet or box, so that the temperature of 100 Shan, disinfection 5-10 minutes after it.

Oven disinfection: The stability of the disinfection cabinet control in 120 Shan. 15-20 minutes.

Chemical disinfection: Disinfection with some tableware disinfectant. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the disinfectant to buy those qualified through the Health department approved disinfectant, otherwise afraid of human health will cause harm. In addition, to pay attention to the amount of disinfectant, to the specification, can not let the tableware exposed to the surface, so as not to reach the disinfection effect. In addition, after disinfection to use water to wash the tableware again to remove the residual odor above.

Dishwasher disinfection: This is a relatively convenient one. Generally speaking, the need to control the temperature in 80 or so, the other chopsticks placed to meet the provisions, lest affect disinfection.

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