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How to maintain the incense making machine everyday

- Feb 04, 2018 -

The hydraulic oil used in the machine is changed regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the oil. When operating machinery, you should pay attention to smooth transition, so as to avoid oil pressure peak. Periodically adjust the parameters in the machine to achieve the best working condition. This is the daily maintenance of the machinery, and through such maintenance and maintenance of the belief that mechanical service life will be greatly increased. So how do you maintain the parts?

1. distributor in mechanical parts used in the hydraulic oil should be replaced and check regularly, moment to keep the oil clean, once found oil appears in the middle of the check is deteriorating or mixed with other impurities, the oil will be replaced immediately. Manufacturer of fragrant machine factory.

2. The removal of lead seal must be after the inspection of the pressure test equipment has been completed. Abnormal, and to avoid the emergence of system overload situation, need for making incense machine distributor in parts of the relief valve pressure and valve automatically jump parameters adjustment, in order to achieve the best state.

3.when making the operation of the distributor, from "neutral" to "float" the location of the smooth conversion requirement is quickly, try to avoid "decompression" position across the phenomenon of pressure wave.

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