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how to make a broom

- Feb 17, 2018 -

The main raw material

The raw materials used for brooms include high beam, golden thread, bamboo tip, broom grass and so on. The household is usually a plastic broom.

The tube with a small head or head is used to remove the grain from the grain, and remove the leaf sheath and the section under the shaft.

It is separated from the head of the ear (with the hard core in the middle), and the glutinous millet of the scion is picked out. Then the selected exfoliation of the scabbard was cut in half by hand. Cut off the stem from the roots of the head of the broom, and the chopped arrow stalks can be left to be used as strings, and the middle of the broom can be filled with the general shock straw. After finishing, the glutinous millet is laid on the hard ground, crushed by the stone roller, and the pressure is soft. Moisten the glutinous millet with water (place it in a VAT of water or dust and water) for about an hour.

Get ready to tie up the broom. It takes a broom to make a broom. Five kilograms, seven hundred grams of wire. Take a four-meter long, 3-5mm thick oil wire rope and tie one end to a foot or door frame in the house, and the other end to the middle of the walk. At the back end of the pole is a rubber band with a width of 7 to 10 cm and a length of 80 to 90 centimeters. The other end is a hook that can be picked and connected to the end of the rod. When in broom, will walk the belt in the waist, take 3 ~ 4 core corn millet, get 4 root bark corn millet, clip a straw, steel wire tighten, oil pressure into the 22-25, the first line of wire, each two laps around the wire. The second way is to take 4 core glutinous millet, 2 skin millet, 1 root of shocks, and the first one is the same as the first one. The third and the fourth are the same. The fifth way is the last one to take 4 pieces of skin millet, 1 shock straw, each side add four skin millet, two laps, and then up every 3 ~ 5 cm. A total of 15 ~ 17. A good broom will be used to remove the shell, and in order to make it bright, white and not mildewy, it must be fumigated with sulfur. Its method is dug in the earth one and a half meters deep pit, put a piece of sulphur in the bowl or tin box inside, the hole with a wooden stick on gear rack, the rack cross with the broom, the number in the hundreds, cover it with plastic sheets, lit after sulfur, about 1 hour and fumigation can be sold.

The process flow

Select material: drop the grain, remove the leaf sheathing, and then spread it on the ground, soft and wet, and tighten it.

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