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How to use and maintain bamboo chopsticks

- Feb 09, 2018 -

1.Boil the new chopsticks for half an hour.

It is worth mentioning that the newly purchased chopsticks need to remove the viruses and bacteria and certain chemicals accumulated during the production and transportation of chopsticks. The chopsticks you just bought can be rinsed with tap water, then washed with detergent and then boiled in a pot for half an hour before using.

2.Chopsticks should be disinfected at high temperature every week.

Every office worker will encounter this problem, every day after breakfast, do not have time to wash the dishes, hurry to go to work, the kitchen chopping board to the kitchen board to be a little, go out and go. Yan zhongfang said that whether chopsticks can serve health, cleanliness is the most important.

First of all, you should clean the dishes in time. The habit of careless throw chopsticks on the table, will cause the chopsticks close contact with bacteria, the longer time, all kinds of bacteria can run rampant in the chopsticks, even penetrated into the interior of the chopsticks.

Secondly, eating out should prepare public chopsticks, because chopsticks are the easiest to spread bacteria such as helicobacter, which can easily cause family oral cavity and gastrointestinal diseases. When dining, individual chopsticks are placed on the bowl to minimize contact between chopsticks and pollution sources.

3. Correct cleaning methods.

"To keep the chopsticks clean and not deformed, there should be a proper cleaning method." Yan zhongfang said. Some people wash their chopsticks and get used to putting them in a chopstick box or using a rag to dry them and put them in a chopstick box. In fact, moist environment is a hotbed of many bacteria breeding, even if it is a small amount of water stains, chopsticks often "live" in the humid environment, will inevitably catch bacteria.

Correct cleaning method is: grow restless with flowing water wash chopsticks, slowly after cleaning, the water spray dry box, put in chopsticks chopsticks and dry and wet to open points, in order to avoid bacteria cross infection, at the same time every week to clean a chopsticks box, disinfected regularly, to ensure its inner wall dry hygiene.

4. Chopsticks are easy to spread virus bacteria during overage.

In addition, some families a pair of chopsticks may be used for several years, actually chopsticks also have life, in general, a pair of chopsticks for half a year later, the chopsticks, remain in the tiny grooves for many bacteria and cleaner, this case, risk also increased accordingly. Therefore, it is recommended that chopsticks should be boiled in boiling water for about five minutes every week for thorough disinfection. They can also be sterilized in the high temperature sterilization cabinet every day, and should be updated continuously for more than six months.

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