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How to use toothpicks correctly

- Feb 01, 2018 -

1.The toothpick is best used for the presence of space between the teeth. The toothpick is entered at a 45-degree Angle, with the tip pointing towards the tooth surface of the bite, and the lateral margin is exposed to the gingiva of the gap. Then use the lateral edge of the toothpick to scrape the surface of the tooth surface along the tooth surface, especially in the area of the concave root and root, which can be shaved by toothpick tip and side edge, and the tooth surface can be polished. If there is food fiber embedded, do buccal side piercing action, remove food, then rinse mouth.

2.want to choose a hard, not easy to break, smooth surface, no burr and cross-sectional for circular or triangular toothpicks, it is best to buy finished product sold toothpicks, attention should be paid to protect shi clean, do not use clean sticks, iron wire, pin, or a match stick instead.

3.if the normal gingival papilla, toothpick is limited to use within the gingival sulcus, must not to press the toothpick force into the nipple area between teeth, because it can make originally not clearance gap is formed between the teeth, food more easily embedded plug, then use a toothpick to pick out, over time, become a vicious circle, make tooth clearance increases, gingival papilla shrink, cause gum disease and affect beautiful and function.

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