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Notes on Bamboo toothpicks

- May 22, 2017 -

When people eat, there will often be a small amount of fibrous food (such as leek, lean meat, etc.) inserted in the teeth, very uncomfortable, and bad for the teeth, should be removed in time. Many people like to use toothpicks to pick their teeth, in fact, this is not a good habit, as the saying goes: "Teeth do not tick." People who floss frequently tend to suffer from gum atrophy and cause root exposure. With toothpicks easy to damage to the gums, causing local damage, long time, gum easily atrophy, teeth more and more big, food impaction will become heavier, forming a vicious circle. In addition, the market on the quality of toothpicks, from the Hotel common toothpicks, the health status is very worrying, surface bacterial content is often seriously exceeded. Some people even use small sticks or wire to replace toothpicks, not clean and do not say, more easily damage to the gums. It is reported that the use of unclean broom bamboo Branch teeth caused by the case of tetanus, it must arouse people's vigilance. As the saying goes: "Wise men learn from the blood of others, fools use their own blood to create lessons." Therefore, even with toothpicks to pick teeth, it should be better to choose packaging, factory name, site, health license, after the strict disinfection of the regular manufacturers of products, and use must be correct.

Selection method

Toothpicks to hard, smooth without burrs, the top slightly thin but not too sharp, after water immersion does not change color, unchanged taste, the tip of the weak person for good, the market some of the inferior quality toothpicks, the use of industrial double oxygen water bleaching, the human body will cause great harm, recommend the use of regular manufacturers of high-quality goods, as far as possible not to choose toothpicks color white unnatural goods.

To choose a toothpick made of good quality wood or other suitable materials, it should have enough hardness and toughness, and the surface is smooth, suitable for size and has a tapered shape from the middle to the ends.

Long-term use of toothpicks has certain damage to the teeth. It is recommended that you brush your teeth more when conditions permit.

For the health and beauty of teeth, many people prefer dental floss.

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