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Overview bamboo resources of the world

- Feb 09, 2018 -

World's bamboo industry has developed into a closely related to the life and production of about 2.5 billion people, and annual output value of nearly $5 billion industry. The scale of the industry, of course, must have abundant natural resources and relatively advanced managing and processing using the technology as a solid backing. At the same time, also must have continuously explore innovative science and technology research as a powerful leader.

A profile of bamboo resources in the world

Bamboo is belong to gramineae bambusoideae (Bambusadea) a class of plant, known to the world, about 150 genera, 1225 species; Bamboo forest area of 14 million hectares. Widely distributed in the earth's northern latitude 46 ° 47 ° to the south of the equator between the tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions. But mainly distributed in the south, and the vast region between the tropic of cancer. According to the geographical location, in addition to the continent, other continents are found fourth glacier to local bamboo species.

Because of the division of ocean, the world of bamboo plants can be obviously divided into three large distribution area, namely:

1) Asia and bamboo Atlantic area.

2) bamboo area of America.

3) Africa bamboo area.

Long-term growth and site conditions of different isolation, which make the greater area reproduction with his unique local bamboo, it is difficult to find the same bamboo kind of distribution. Only Su bamboo and green hedge bamboo belong to two belong to the same or different bamboo species can be found in three greater area at the same time its distribution. The Su bamboo is distributed in tropical and subtropical regions, green hedge in bamboo genus are distributed in tropical and warm temperate regions, north Asia. Leading bamboo (Bambusa vuegaris) in three of the greater area widely distributed in tropical and subtropical, named "bamboo species pantropical".

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