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Production Technology of Bamboo Board

- May 22, 2017 -

1, the original bamboo processing into bamboo pieces, and remove bamboo pieces on the slub;

2, cut the bamboo slices into the bamboo fragments;

3, the bamboo fragments bundled into a cylindrical bamboo bundles, bamboo bundles in the bamboo pieces are arranged vertically in the direction of fiber;

4, the bamboo slices into the kettle, with food wax liquid submerged bamboo bundles, under normal pressure heating boiled 1.5 7.5 hours; wax boiling temperature of the kettle is 160, and the water content of bamboo fragments in the bamboo slices is 3;

5, the bamboo piece bundles from the liquid, when the bamboo piece is not cold, it is applied to squeeze the processing, extrusion processing by pressure machinery will be pressed into the inner cavity of the bamboo pieces of the cone-shaped mold and the inner cavity for the cylindrical shape of the open mold, in the process of pressure, the shaft of the bamboo piece is arranged into the large caliber end of the conical mould, and then the alcohol diameter end of the cone mould enters the open mold, the inner diameter of the alcohol diameter end of the cone mould is the same as the inner diameter of the opening mould; before pressing the bamboo piece bundle, In advance in the open mold inside the cavity surrounding the embedded fastening ring, bamboo bundles in the conical die after extrusion is pressed into the open mold, that is, naturally set into the tight circle, forming a close bond between bamboo pieces, and by fastening ring tight products;

6, open the mold can be opened, remove the above products.

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