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The benefits of toothpick

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Toothpicks come from abroad is able to sew tooth crumbs thoroughly remove food debris between meat and does not hurt, will not pour out my teeth, gums and from abroad into the advantage of a plastic dental floss is thin.

Because of the lack of teeth and the gap between the teeth, many older people prefer to use toothpicks to clean their mouths. In fact, gingival nipples atrophy, especially after periodontal surgery, when the gap between the teeth is enlarged, and the tooth surface is cleaned with the toothpick, especially the concave tooth surface or the root bifurcation area. It can also be used to pressure gingiva to affect and massage the receding gums, but it is customary to use toothpicks to remove the embedded food fiber.

However, use toothpick floss, due to the toothpicks if use undeserved can cause gingivitis and dental floss to remove the dental disease confused, maintain periodontal health, also reduced the other disease, caused by dental diseases, use dental floss to prevent oral disease, greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Michael roesen, an expert on aging, points out that sticking to floss every day can make you live 6.4 years longer. Clinically, patients with pulpitis, periodontitis, and heart disease are often added. This is because the infection of the pulp and periodontal tissue can cause bacterial toxins to enter the bloodstream and eventually cause your heart to be "implicated".

Another is made of plastic and cotton, suitable for the use of smaller teeth.

In contrast, toothpicks appear too thick, deep into the teeth, the cleaning effect is also greatly reduced. Dental floss can be used to remove residues in the teeth and plaque on the adjacent tooth surfaces.

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