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The broom culture

- Feb 17, 2018 -

The brush has a long history and is common in all cultures. Examples are as follows:

The comet's tail is like a broom, so it is known as a jinx, a broom, and so on. In fact, the word "coma" is also a broom. In Europe, there is a legend that a wizard can fly. See the broom. History broom

The tool of dust removal originates from our country.

In the xia dynasty four thousand years ago, there was a man named shao kang, who happened to see a wounded pheasant dragging his body forward. He thought it must be chicken feathers, so he grabbed some pheasants and plucked them to make the first broom. This is also the origin of the feather duster. Because the use of the chicken feather is too soft, at the same time is not wear-resistant, shao kang is changed into bamboo strips, grass and other raw materials, the duster is changed into a durable broom.

The broom is different from the broom. A broom is usually made of bamboo, which is used to clean the yard and large areas and roads. A broom generally refers to a smaller type of sorghum that is used to clean the house.

In western magic, the broom is a flying tool, usually driven by a wizard. Riding on a broomstick, the broom sweeps back and is said to be able to fly over.

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