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The incense industry is an unsaturated, disposable consumer product in the national market

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Burning incense has a long history in our country. All parts of the country burn incense in cities and villages. Such as the Spring Festival, qingming festival, the new moon, July 15, half, prayer, pray that god, temple fairs, hasten are in the habit of burning incense, the system incense industry is the national never saturated one-time products on the market, and burn incense in our country has a huge market, but due to the traditional system of incense process is multifarious, the production speed is slow, dust, high cost, in every link of production and consumption of the product in the production and development. Manual production managers have long been looking forward to the advent of incense making machines. There is no doubt that the "utility model machine" is going to the market with its many advantages. I will take a look at the advantages of the full-automatic incense machine.

1. Automatically send the signature, free of brake and fragrance foot, one person operation, one time molding, without stop feeding.

2. Energy saving: save electricity (the motor works only when the bamboo stick is passed through), and the tail material is small (the less the tail material is, the more it can avoid the power consumption, time consuming and manpower consumption caused by the repeated use of tail material).

3. high efficiency, by means of mechanical sign now, say goodbye to the pneumatic, efficient, simple, durable, can wear 130-160 per minute root bamboo, bamboo, less do sweet as 8 hour, every day can wear sign a 45000-55000 root bamboo stick.

4. The quality of the incense is high: the body is smooth and the head is smooth.

5. equipment performance: equipment with chic modelling, the fuselage lightweight, convenient to move, transport and use process, no need to install, purchase can use, mature technology, mostly parts adopt imported materials, not easy to damage, durable.

6. The working environment is comfortable, environmental protection and sanitation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers. The machine is easy to operate and easy to handle.

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