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The innovation of Toothpick

- May 22, 2017 -

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the birth of starch toothpicks. Starch toothpicks are generally used corn starch, sweet potato starch, mint preparation, Imperata root preparation, Angelica preparation, alum, Sls alcohol, water, edible pigments as raw materials, the water heated to the boiling point after mixing with each raw material in proportion to the extrusion machine, after extruding into strips at high temperature and pressure, using the water spray washing with natural temperature, the strip after washing is placed in the refrigerating device, then taken out after 24 hours frozen under 21 Shan condition, and then washed with water from the natural temperature, Then in the drying equipment in 35-40 Shan conditions dry 24-30 hours after the removal, and cut into a short section of the length of toothpicks, after cutting the short section of grinding machine after grinding is finished. The finished toothpick has the characteristics of hard texture, no fork, not easy to break, and can be dissolved in water as food, not only does not destroy trees, but also pollution-free, and has a health-care effect on the gums.

This toothpick soft and hard moderate, and non-toxic harmless, one years can "save" hundreds of thousands of mu of wood. During the two sessions, there were members of the CPPCC, vice dean of the University of Yanbian Medical school Park Whishen see people to take out a few white transparent small toothpicks, to promote the use of starch can be made of environmental protection toothpicks.

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