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The Representation of Bamboo in Chinese Traditional Culture

- Jul 14, 2017 -

Bamboo in Chinese culture has a far-reaching impact, bamboo is "Meilan Zhuju" one of the four gentlemen. China is the growth of bamboo, the world has 100-1000 kinds of bamboo, in the Sichuan region has planted a lot of bamboo.

Bamboo spiritual and cultural meaning has humbly, elegant, pure, from ancient times to the courtyard there are bamboo existence, in ancient times there are many people to bamboo poetry lyric.

Bamboo is the earliest combination with the Chinese text, China's earliest historical documents "bamboo book year" and "Shangshu", "Book of Rites", "The Analects of Confucius" and other classic works are engraved on the bamboo, for China left a magnificent history culture. Retained in the bamboo on the image of the meaning of the text, the formation of Chinese calligraphy art.

Bamboo is not only used for the ancient capital of four treasures in the brush, also used in papermaking, is an important tool for Chinese culture. With the production of bamboo, bamboo instruments also came into being, some wonderful music and therefore spread in the folk. Not only that, bamboo as an artistic image in the hands of many painters, such as Zheng Banqiao often painted bamboo, has a unique artistic style.

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