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The right way to go to the temple and burn incense to Buddha

- Feb 04, 2018 -

According to the traditional customs of our country, every Spring Festival and the date of the new moon and the fifteenth day, the broad masses have to the temple incense Buddha, pray for the customs. In order to make the ten party good faith to cultivate fukuda, to gain the law, to be good and positive, and to fill the hope, so to the precise point of the blessing of burning incense to each person, in order to invoke the common good.

What is the true meaning of burning incense? The temple is a release playfoot wisdom, called forest, usually on the temple Ursa worship called shakyamuni Buddha, is the ancient Indian king suddhodana prince, after becoming a monk to practice, under the bodhi tree certificate. The enlightened one is the initiator of the Buddha, who is respected by the Buddha as the "Lord" and "the teacher". The true meaning of burning incense is to express respect, gratitude and condolence to Buddha. To dye the net, to give life, to wake up life. Yun yun and row, natural fu hui has the foot, the heart wants the matter.

What is the meaning of burning incense?

First, show the devotion and respect to support the three treasures, so that the tree can connect the living beings.

Second, the performance of the information in the void law, the sense of the ten - party three treasures.

Third, the performance of the combustion itself, puxiang shifang, suggests the empty door to be selfless dedication.

Fourth, to reflect the lit the interpretation of the christians be delicious, containing silent oath "practice, hard, hui, greed, out loud, and delusion", Buddha is not a hobby earth big expensive perfume, but be fond of of buddhist precepts, delicious.

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