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There are three dangers in carrying a toothpick after a meal

- Feb 27, 2018 -

Many people have the habit of use a toothpick at the table after a meal, little imagine, false teeth or without teeth, every day will be stuck between the teeth, the greater the also can damage gums, instead reach protect teeth.

According to disappear assist a close survey indicates that in shandong province on the market at present the toothpick is wooden and bamboo two more, disappear assist the staff found in secret that is close to many restaurants, although some toothpicks packaging labeling "senior toothpicks", "high temperature disinfection" and other words, but mostly "3 without" product, there is no health license, toothpicks and disinfection also can not meet the requirements, some on the plate, everyone with access, some put used toothpick and back plate.

Incorrect use of toothpicks at least four hazards:

The first sterile, poorly managed toothpick can cause disease. The various bacteria and viruses attached to the toothpicks that are attached to the toothpicks can enter the body through toothpicks. According to the health department, there are tens of thousands of bacteria "hidden" in a small toothpick.

The second toothpick is improperly used and will cause periodontal disease. If you don't pick your teeth or use your toothpick, you can get gingivitis,

Periodontal disease is caused by gingival atrophy and increased gap between teeth, and the toothpick should not be forced into the interdental nipple area, because this will increase the gap between the teeth and cause periodontal disease.

A third toothpick can be life-threatening. According to jinan stomatological hospital, there are consumers for diao toothpick accidentally swallowed into belly inside, in the small intestine, the hospital emergency surgery operation was extracted from the body, almost lost his life, recently the hospital has treated two patients with similar toothpick health and dental care and is directly related to the correct use of oral health, must not treat STH lightly.

First of all, don't pick your teeth if you don't have any teeth, and make sure you brush your teeth properly every day. Second, do not carry toothpick, because toothpick head is more pointed, accidentally enter the esophagus, have life danger. For consumers with dental disease and food embedded in the tooth, they can choose to use 100% degradable starch toothpicks; Advocate using clearance brush instead of toothpick, clearance brush is a kind of cleaning teeth.

The special brush for the food residue of the adjacent plaque is very good for cleaning the teeth with the clearance brush, and can prevent periodontal disease. Therefore, it should be vigorously advocated.

In addition, choose to use a toothpick, want to choose surface should be clean without a thorn, tip can't be too sharp, should be smooth, to choose the packing is good, have a producer name and address, hygiene license, pass strict disinfection of normal manufacturer of products, not in an airtight container and please don't use toothpicks may cause pollution.

The consumer warning is later pointed out, the majority of consumers remember that bad toothpicks can make teeth worse.

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