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Various forms of incense

- Feb 11, 2018 -

The incense is divided into the morphological features, such as linear incense, signature fragrance, incense, taxiang, seal (seal), fragrant cone, fragrant powder, fragrant ball, special fragrance, and original flavor.

linear incense

Refers to the use of different formulations, thick, non - has a certain regulation of the straight line incense. It is one of the commonly used incense forms in the north. It is used for many occasions. In ancient times, it was made with hand or crucian carp. Now it is made with special machinery.

Sign the incense

Also known as sticks and incense. With bamboo, wood and other materials as the core, straight line. Bamboo checkers are often referred to as "bamboo sticks" and "sticks". The signature fragrance has the hand to defend the fragrance, the fragrance and the mechanism incense.

Incense coil

In the plane, the ring is coiled, often in a spiral shape (a lot of "incense" can also be hung like a tower, similar to "tower incense"), used in the home, the practice, the temple and so on.

Tower incense

To lift or hang from the air or bracket when used, and droop like a tower. Taxiang originates from (not later than) the Ming dynasty "dragon hangs incense".

India incense

Also known as seal. The fragrance rings around, such as the pattern or the words (seal characters), which can be burnt out in sequence. The production method is to use the mold "xiang Yin" (that is, the fragrance mold, xiang zhuan die) box fan, imprint. Incense was popular in the tang and song dynasties.

Carved incense

In ancient times, the incense was used to measure time, and the method and form were similar to seal.

Incense cone

It refers to the fragrance of the cone, which is also known as the "tower incense" or "incense tower".

It refers to the use of a certain kind of fragrant medicine, or according to a certain formula, after the preparation of a variety of fragrant medicines, grinding into a powder, for painting, sprinkling, direct burning. It can be used for the production of fragrant incense and other products as semi-finished products.

Incense bead

A "round bead" made from one or more fragrant herbs (ground to powder, then mixed into beads; Can be strung together into "incense string", the Taoist temple and the Buddha are used as ornaments.

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