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When using a toothpick, you should pay attention to the problems

- Feb 01, 2018 -

People are particularly simple when eating or eating food. At this time, toothpicks will be a must. In addition to removing the food between the teeth, there is also the effect of removing plaque and soft scale, especially the dental plaque on the adjacent surface. The correct use of toothpicks can be used as a remedy for brushing teeth every day, which is conducive to dental care.

Pick the right toothpick and use the correct method. People after the tooth in a hurry to get rid of, randomly picked up what was pointed out, such as a knife, a match stick, tack, hair clips, etc., this is not only harmful to teeth and periodontal tissue, will also increase the gaps between the teeth, and the formation of increasingly severe tooth.

Toothpicks with hard, smooth, smooth, flat, flat or triangular shape, top notch.

Toothpick to 45 degree Angle into the teeth and gums, between the top point to the direction of the bite, down two of each teeth tooth surface sliding gradually, not too hard, too hard, toothpick flank surface close to the tooth surface scrape move several times, and finally to gargle, once a day or after every meal.

Toothpicks are some of the necessary products for the elderly, but if used improperly, they can form gingivitis, gingival atrophy, and increase the gap of the teeth, leading to periodontal disease. Toothpick best under the condition of the tooth space exists between apply, if the normal gingival papilla, toothpick is limited to use within the gingival sulcus, cut not to press the toothpick force into the nipple area between teeth, because it will make the original no gap gap is formed between the teeth, food more simple embedded plug, then use a toothpick to pick, overnight, into a vicious circle, make tooth gap increases, gingival papilla atrophy, both the formation of periodontal disease and affect the beauty and function.

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