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A Brief History Of Bamboo Toothpicks

- May 22, 2017 -

By this paragraph, the name of the toothpick earlier is called tick-tooth sign, and extended to the Yuan Dynasty. Yong Zhaomeng Shan "song Xue Zhai Anthology" Five "old" poem has "meat first seek tick teeth sign" sentence, meaning to fear to eat meat will be embedded in the gap, to be prepared in advance tick tooth sign, can be proven. In addition, the pick of the staff, such as dental staff. The word "toothpick" is a long term only as a sign on the letter of an ivory sign, and remove the dental irrelevant. It is only about the Ming and Qing dynasties that we refer to today's gear-picking tool.

Reusable toothpicks do not conform to health, and are made of gold and silver, and are not commonly used. Ancient use is willow material, because willow "soft do not hurt teeth." So toothpicks are also known as Willow sticks. Qing people Gao Jingting "pronunciation Summary" release cloud: "Willow stick, willow toothpick." "In the Qing Dynasty Suzhou has an old couple," cut willow for picking toothpicks, to your best off "(see Qing Wang Zhichun" Pepper Health Essays "Volume III), which shows that the people like to buy this toothpick.

Qingdau when Li Guangting wrote a book, called "Township speech Jie Yi", writing machine fun humor, often ammunition to satirize, in the interpretation of toothpicks when there is such a paragraph, the idea is: there is a person in the world, when their flaws are not yet exposed, blindly sneer at other people's flaws detection loopholes, until they find that they also suffer from the disease, and have to look for flaws in the flaw detection, the user is the toothpick this thing. Kova.

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