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Are Metal Chopsticks Really Healthier Than Bamboo Chopsticks?

- May 10, 2018 -

This is mainly from the point of view of microbial contamination, wooden or bamboo chopsticks so not smooth, a little bumpy or scratch where it is easy to shelter evil people and practices, breeding some bacteria or mold. And metal chopsticks are generally stainless steel, relatively smooth, relatively difficult to breed microorganisms. However, everything has two sides, the metal chopsticks are too smooth, so the food is sometimes not easy to pick up, and often more heavy, not everyone is suitable.

Personal think natural wooden or bamboo chopsticks is good, but pay attention to the use of health is the key, every time after dinner to brush it thoroughly, rather like a lot of people, simply to a catch, rub a rub, wash a few times. Chopsticks should be hot or boiled, or microwaves to sterilize them, for example, we cook them once or twice a week. At the same time, the chopsticks should be washed regularly, and the chopsticks will be repeatedly contaminated. Chopsticks should be replaced regularly, preferably not more than half a year.

Finally, it is suggested that the chopsticks and plastic chopsticks are not recommended to be bought, especially when the chopsticks are used.

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