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Bamboo Fiber Towel Material Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Is How To Make?

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Bamboo fiber towel is made from bamboo fiber and other fiber elements. So how is this bamboo carbon fiber made? Here is a brief introduction to the process of making bamboo charcoal fiber.

Bamboo charcoal fiber production process: bamboo char (bamboo will reach a certain age of carbonized bamboo heat, and then to carry on the high temperature carbonization, namely in the low-temperature carbonization engineering, after again the carbonized material heated to 800-800 ℃, continuous processing) and bamboo charcoal activeness (will go through the above two kinds of bamboo charcoal to spray treatment after heat treatment, sharp cooling bamboo charcoal fire, at this time due to the physics and chemistry of the water, bamboo charcoal produced complex porous structure, surface area, add a couple of times, significantly improve the sorption capacity.

Through the active treatment of bamboo charcoal, its tissue binding density increases, the change is extremely hard. Carbon rate is high), the shattering of the bamboo charcoal (the activeness of bamboo charcoal to crush, made of bamboo charcoal powder in the nanoscale) - > evenly dispersed (such as bamboo charcoal powder mixed with polyester and viscose and stir in the virgin pulp, which was dispersed evenly in the protoplasmic) - > spinning (drawn from virgin pulp, through spinning equipment, filament containing bamboo charcoal powder, can also according to the need to cut into cotton or wool of short fiber, long fiber etc., which made of bamboo charcoal fiber).

Bamboo fiber yarn is a yarn product made from cellulose fiber extracted from naturally grown bamboo. The product has been developed and developed, and it has taken a strong position to sweep the market rapidly. Especially in the clothing industry, bamboo fiber yarn has many advantages in garment production.

se bamboo fiber yarn to make baby clothes, shirts, women's knitwear, men's cotton sweater trousers, men's sports socks, etc. Especially on the men's sports socks, the special fiber structure of bamboo fiber yarn determines that the socks made by it have excellent wet and wet dehumidifying function.

Plus the silky smooth feel of walking feels comfortable. In particular, the socks made by bamboo fiber yarn have special anti-odor, which has good anti-odor function, and some users have reduced sweat on the hind legs, and the symptoms of tinea are obviously improved.

Through the process of making bamboo charcoal fiber, we can also see that bamboo charcoal fiber is not as natural as bamboo fiber, but its raw material is also natural bamboo, so it is healthy. The bamboo fiber towel made from it also has good health care function.

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