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Bamboo Pillow - Perfect Combination Of Technology And Practicality

- May 25, 2018 -

Bamboo pillow is a kind of bamboo pillow, the traditional product of ningde, as a tribute and famous. The technology was originally introduced from gutian taxus, and was gradually refined by generations after its introduction.

In the second year of emperor xuantong of the qing dynasty (1910), it was the most prosperous with more than 40 employees. In the 18 years of the republic of China (1929), the output was reduced to more than 500. In the 31st year of the republic of China, there were only two "ma renji" and "ruan zhongji". In 1949, there was only one "ma renji", with an annual output of more than 70. Arts and crafts factory built in 1985, has drawn the horse, two generations Ma Jinming nguyen, RuanCanCan five technicians, 10 disciple of bamboo weaving workshop, after the patent protection due to technical issues not solved, technicians are reluctant to passes on technique, make the production process on the brink of extinction, modern rarely see this thing.

But this bamboo pillow is not for everyone: diabetics should not use bamboo pillow, because easy to break the skin caused by infection, resulting in increased blood sugar stress, aggravating the disease. The person of cold of cold of cold of cold of cold is unfavorable use, cause headache symptom easily otherwise. People with weak constitution and weak stomach will aggravate the disease and prolong the disease period. Puerpera and menstruation period female, also want to keep away from bamboo pillow, lest cause gynecological disease. Baby's skin is delicate, bamboo pillow is hard and coarse, can cause damage to their skin, also need careful use.

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