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Bamboo Will Replace The Steel Bar And Become A New Material To Add Very Solidified Soil

- May 25, 2018 -

Most developing countries need a lot of reinforced concrete in the process of development. However, most developing countries cannot meet this huge demand and can only import from developed countries. A plan to replace steel with bamboo has been proposed at a future city laboratory in Singapore. Bamboo has sufficient storage capacity, has sustainability and flexible practicability, and can completely replace steel materials.


In terms of tensile strength, bamboo is stronger than other materials and stronger than steel. Bamboo derives its strength mainly from its hollow tubular structure, which evolved over thousands of years against the wind. And bamboo, a lightweight material, is easy to grow and transport. Because its rapid growth cycle is easy to grow, it is also very cheap. Rapid planting absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide at the same time, which makes it a building material with the characteristics of environmental protection. Because of the above reasons, bamboo is a very suitable material for investment as reinforcement.

Of course, besides these advantages, bamboo also has its own limitations. One of the limitations is the ability to flex, which occurs when a bamboo experiences a change in temperature or absorbs water. Bamboo also sometimes loses structural strength due to fungi and biological changes. As a result, countries that need to use bamboo as a building material do not have the resources to develop bamboo as an alternative to steel.

"They have a local library, a product of the 1960s, a four-storey building. When the demolition was completed, there was not a single steel bar.

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