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Categories Of Toothpicks

- May 22, 2017 -

Bamboo, wood and other cutting toothpicks belong to a disposable toothpicks, after use. Another kind of toothpicks, with metal and other production, is durable goods, such as archaeologists have unearthed the age of the late Han Dynasty toothpicks, is made of gold. Such reusable toothpicks are corroborated in the literature.

Jin Dynasty writer Yun in a "with Brother Plain book," said, he in through "TSO artifacts", see the cap, combs, pick the tooth fiber and other things. "Tso", refers to the end of Han Cao. "Fiber", pass the sign, "pick the tooth fiber", that is tick tooth sign. From the letter "today with a letter to the brother", you can guess this tick is not used to throw the one, but metal (or gold) products.


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