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Characteristics Of Chopsticks

- May 22, 2017 -

Two root, sticks-shaped, ca. 20 cm, one end large, one end small and thin,

Disposable chopsticks are divided into disposable wood chopsticks and disposable chopsticks, because of its light and convenient transportation, low-cost, safe and hygienic and increasingly by the catering industry as the preferred food utensils. China produces about 7.5 billion pairs of chopsticks each year, exports 3 billion pairs, the main market is Taiwan and Japan.

One-time chopsticks due to the high water content of bamboo itself, easy to deteriorate and other characteristics, in the processing process and disposable wood chopsticks have an essential difference. In order to ensure the fresh and beautiful appearance of chopsticks, some food additives such as food grade sulphur and food grade pyrosulfite sodium sulfate are often used in processing. Excessive use of these additives can lead to chopsticks itself microbial indicators and residue indicators too high, to the health of consumers to harm. Therefore, the chopsticks health problem has been the focus of the consumer and the importing country.

China Food and Livestock import and export Chamber of Health Chopsticks branch from further strengthening the quality awareness of chopsticks industry, for the chopsticks production enterprises and export enterprises to provide more targeted health standards, promote the development of foreign trade, protect consumer rights and health, call for and formally apply for the establishment of mandatory chopsticks national standards. July 2003, the National Standardization Management Committee approved the Health Chopsticks branch and the State administration of quality Supervision, inspection and quarantine of the Department of Animal and Plant quarantine supervision jointly responsible for the formulation of "disposable chopsticks chopsticks" national standards.

Taking into account the professional and technical nature of one-time chopsticks, the Hunan entry-Exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the Health Chopsticks branch have been extensively briefed on the production of a one-off chopsticks-related export enterprise, the views of forestry systems, health systems and quality supervision system personnel and other experts have collected chopsticks samples from more than more than 40 enterprises nationwide, and at the same time, according to Japan's request for disposable chopsticks, on the basis of extensive consultation, On April 8, 2005, completed the "Bamboo Sanitary Chopsticks" national standard (draft). The same month 28th standard validation Meeting held, the participation of expert judges fully affirmed the practicality of the standard, scientific and effective, smoothly through validation.

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