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Cold Door Bamboo Flooring Market Is Becoming More And More Popular.

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Sorching summer has come, whether sun exposure to dry, or wet, suddenly the heavy rain to decorate the summer especially for the choice of the floor and maintenance problems. However, as long as you are considerate in every aspect, pay attention to a lot of details, choose the right floor, and take the medicine, any problem will be solved.

Now, with the floor types of increasing, from solid wood floor, solid mu fu joins a floor board, aggrandizement wood floor, and bamboo flooring and so on, each species has a lot of brand, is the owner choose dazzled. Among them, bamboo flooring is the rising star of the floor, its unique advantage attracted many consumers' attention. So, what kind of floor is bamboo flooring, compared with the traditional floor, what are the advantages and disadvantages of it? In the actual interview, I learned about bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring compared with the traditional floor of the advantages and disadvantages.

Learned, bamboo floor is a new type of building decoration materials, it with high quality natural bamboo as raw material, after two working procedure, to take off the original bamboo pulp, after high temperature and high pressure consolidation pressure, through the layers of paint, the infrared drying. Bamboo floor because of its unique natural material, can bring a fresh breeze to the summer home decoration.

Market observation: cold door bamboo flooring is becoming more and more popular.

Compared with the traditional floor, the advantages of bamboo flooring are:

Warm in winter and cool in summer, because of low thermal conductivity, bamboo itself not unripe cool exothermic, so especially suitable for the shop is in the living room, bedroom, hall, hotel, gymnasium, study on the ground and wall decoration.

Long life: bamboo flooring is taken off sugar, fat, starch environment, protein and other special harmless treatment of bamboo board splice adhesives, high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, it has a strong moth-proofing function. At the same time floor six surface with high quality imported wear-resisting paint seal, flame retardant, wear-resistant, anti-mildew change.

The environmental protection effect is good: bamboo floor is made with bamboo, help reduce the use of lumber. The growth of bamboo is much shorter than that of trees, and in a few years it can be made into a sustainable resource.

The appearance is beautiful: the natural colour and lustre of bamboo is beautiful, be full of flexibility, can moistureproof, do not have mildew, hardness is strong, winter warm summer is cool, use the camber of bamboo as appearance surface, have a kind of unique lasting appeal.

The price is moderate: bamboo growth period is relatively short, small make up to understand in the visit, the price position of bamboo floor is commonly between compound floor and real wood floor. That is to say, bamboo floor has many real wood floor and the advantage of compound floor, but the price is the most moderate.

The inadequacy of bamboo floor: stability, bamboo floor shrinkage and expansion are smaller than real wood floor. But in the actual on the durability of bamboo floor faults is also evident, one is affected by the sun and wet easy appear statified phenomenon, and in the southern region, bamboo floor easily long moth, affect the service life of the floor.

Bamboo flooring has long been unable to dominate the mainstream market.

Found that bamboo flooring is not the floor of the new product, it appears the earliest time can be traced back to last century in the late eighty s, is only limited to the technology is not mature, so the service life of the bamboo floor and moistureproof moth-proofing has yet to have better solution, so failed to get further development and popularization.

And bamboo floor serves as a kind of very distinctive types of floor, export price is high, the benefit is good, so from the date of birth, the scale of bamboo flooring enterprises focus on almost all the foreign countries. As the representative of high-grade floor, the national bamboo floor production 60~70% of the export, this also caused the bamboo floor "domestic blooming abroad red" situation, in the Chinese mainland, but the recognition is not high. In the foreign trade barriers and domestic export enterprises under the pressure of vicious price competition, Chinese bamboo flooring industry is aware of the importance of the local market, began to actively promote bamboo flooring in the domestic consumer awareness.

In the understanding of bamboo flooring, many people still do not know bamboo flooring, so the number of people buying bamboo flooring in decoration is relatively small. Therefore, to raise the consumer's understanding of bamboo flooring is also one of the important ways to make bamboo flooring quickly become popular. Also has a lot of businesses, said the real wood floor, solid mu fu joins a floor board, aggrandizement wood floor board, and bamboo floor, bamboo floor due to the production cost is higher, but the price is relatively low, thus agent profits of bamboo floor is not like other kinds of floor, it also led to the bamboo flooring sales don't give prize.

However, for bamboo flooring in wuhu market sales prospects, many businesses also have very big confidence, "as people increasingly people pursuing high quality life, the demand for bamboo flooring will be more and more big, especially young people, will be the biggest of a number of consumer groups." One of the agents made predictions.

The purchasing skill of bamboo floor is very important.

The advantage of bamboo floor has so much, but also cannot blindly credulous sell personnel's promotion, according to expert advice, choose bamboo floor to be able to refer to the following way:

First look at surface, paint, no bubble, is pure and fresh bright beautiful, bamboo is too dark, surface had glue line (one at a uniform along the long straight line, machining process is not fine, extrusion pressure and so on reasons) and then look around the presence of cracks, with or without traces of ash. Whether it is clean and tidy, or whether there is bamboo or yellow residue on the back, whether it is clean and tidy. All inspection, after see the samples and material if there is a gap, the last item is installed, if you need a keel is 30 cm long, according to the standard target boards need to four keel, many dealers played only three, because the bamboo elastic, easy to make the ring

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