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Elderly People Like To Buy Dual-use Mat Body Fat People Favor Bamboo Mahjong Table

- Apr 22, 2018 -

As the temperature gradually increased, many citizens were planning to buy a mat. The reporter walked the market yesterday to find, recently discount the mat of the market to be listed with bamboo mat, rattan mat, straw mat is main. There are differences between the people of different ages choose mat, elderly like "dual-use mat" is a side - is bamboo rattan seats, and were tested to a summer on the "overweight", the most like mahjong table. Price aspect, different material also has difference, the mat of the same kind of material is the spread of bamboo mat is biggest, new bamboo and old bamboo can differ a few dozen.

Reporters visited a few large supermarkets in the city, wal-mart, China resources, found, bamboo mat, rattan mat, straw mat, etc. Among them, bamboo mat and rattan mat occupy most of the market, the sales volume is larger, each selling price is concentrated in 100 yuan to 600 yuan, part of the mat is calculated to discount 90 yuan to have the transaction.

In China resources, hu, who is in his 60s, bought two straw MATS and placed them in the hands of the salesclerk to select other goods. She told reporters that the family's straw mat had been used for two or three years, a little black and decided to buy it. During the season, the price is not expensive.

Ms. Li, a saleswoman at the store, told reporters that the mat had been on sale all year round, but that it had recently started on the aisle, and that the sale was a "regular action" every summer. "Normally, June to September is the peak season for sales, and stores regularly offer one or two promotions."

In terms of sales volume, "dual-use mat" is especially popular with domestic customers, and the straw mat is the favorite of the middle-aged and elderly people. And "mahjong mat because easy to clip the hair, the meat, the heavier and so on shortcoming, already very few people buy." Some of the obese customers still like to buy the mahjong mat because "it's so wide and it's cooler than the average bamboo mat," the saleswoman said. ,

The choice of maintenance mat is exquisite.

Facing the brand, various kinds of mat, what is the technique? The sales person of the 3rd floor of the big fat hair 3 storehouse is a recruit, buy the mat can not just rely on feel and price, should choose according to age and oneself constitution.

The joint of middle and old people, muscle is affected by cold easy to induce arthritis, do not suit to sleep relatively cool bamboo mat, should choose relatively gentle cane mat and straw mat.

Bamboo mat is the most cool of all the mat, more popular among young people, but the new bamboo is not so cool, old bamboo is cooler and smooth, so how to distinguish? Ms. Zhu said that in addition to looking at the dark color, she also looked at the lines of bamboos, which were mostly old bamboo. Reporter compares price discovery, same specification hsinchu and old bamboo's mat price difference a few dozen. People in the industry do not recommend a cool mahjong table. "It's comfortable, it's bad for the spine and joints."

The maintenance mat also has to pay attention to, the bamboo mat had better every day before going to sleep to wipe with warm water, blow dry, every three to four weeks bask in. Rattan mat and straw mat should not be exposed to the sun.

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