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Experts Teach You How To Choose Bamboo Chopsticks

- May 22, 2017 -

Security Tips

Wash chopsticks should be soaked first

The choice of chopsticks is not the end of safe use chopsticks, Dong Jin Lion stressed that the use of chopsticks and the way the cycle is also an important factor affecting health.

Many families wash chopsticks just casually rub the good, Dong Jin Lion said, the correct way to clean should be chopsticks first with detergent soak a little while, and then rinse. Rinse process in the big head should be up, after rinsing finished, it is best to wipe with clean dry cloth, can also be placed in the home disinfection cabinet filter water, disinfection.

After the chopsticks have been washed, the small head should be placed in the chopsticks cage, and note the cleaning and ventilation of the chopsticks cage.

In addition, many families are chopsticks with bad to change, the Dong Golden Lion suggested that chopsticks best half a year to change. Because apart from metal and other chopsticks, the other

The basic material of the chopsticks will form a small groove on the surface, easy to residue bacteria and cleaning agents, should be replaced regularly.

Expert opinion

Chopsticks are not chosen as "bare chopsticks"

Many people in the purchase of goods, like "original ecological", so in the selection of chopsticks, also tend to choose the primary colors of uncoated "bare chopsticks." But the lion does not agree, he said, "bare chopsticks" is not necessarily the safest.

According to the director of the Golden Lion, the "health standard for reusable chopsticks", which was previously in active preparation, has not been approved because of the lack of clarity in the regulatory bodies. Therefore, the current family of the use of disposable chopsticks, in the production, packaging, transportation and other aspects have not developed national standards, in the purchase needs special attention.

The lion said that chopsticks was the best option in terms of safety, economy and health. Because chopsticks material natural, not easy deformation. And from an environmental standpoint, bamboo's growth cycle is shorter and greener than many trees.

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