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Green Plant, Bamboo Charcoal Indoor Adsorption Formaldehyde Effect Is Not Good Window Ventilation Is King.

- Apr 27, 2018 -

With the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to indoor air quality. Especially in the newly decorated family, green plants and bamboo charcoal became a necessity. In the flower and wood market, some common green plants also because of the "formaldehyde" label and the value multiplied. However, many people have doubts about the effect of green plants or bamboo charcoal.

Decorate in the family in, the most common pollution is formaldehyde and benzene, formaldehyde are widespread in the plank, furniture, wallpaper, carpets, paint, glue and glue, decoration materials, and benzene pollution mainly comes from the paint. So can plants absorb formaldehyde? Xu said that although plants such as the crane have a certain ability to absorb formaldehyde, the absorption is very limited and the effect is not good.

As to whether green plants can adsorb formaldehyde, researchers have done relevant research. Deng, director of the national air conditioning equipment quality supervision and inspection center checkout room height, points out that in a 20 square meters room, if you want to use money plant to formaldehyde to exceed bid 3 times in a day or five times the indoor air to the standard, under the condition of doors and Windows closed, need to put hundreds of other, but the premise is indoor no continues to release formaldehyde pollution.

"The plant's absorption of formaldehyde is available, but because the leaves are small and are a passive response, the amount is very small, even if absorbed. If formaldehyde exceeds the standard to be more serious, use 100 plants, better open window half an hour." Peak deng pointed out that the plant's main function is green and beautiful, and the effect of indoor air purification, so the plants as landscaping, optimization means is possible, but not as a means of governance. These include grapefruit, pineapple, vinegar, or activated carbon, which are passive absorption and can only react when air containing pollutants passes through the surface of the material. "If the room is closed and there is no one in the room, the air is basically static and it doesn't have a lot of liquidity. If there is a reaction somewhere in the room, the concentration of harmful substances in the air is low, depending on the concentration difference, it is very slow to interact with the adsorption material.

"In fact, formaldehyde is also harmful to most plants, and some plants that are sensitive to formaldehyde gas can be injured, serious or even dead in the high concentration of formaldehyde. Some plants have a stronger tolerance for formaldehyde, and there are some cells in the body that are used to remove formaldehyde. However, this is only a defensive reaction of plants, not specifically designed to absorb toxic substances. Xu Junjie said, in theory, other, bracketplant, tiger gladiolus, these plants can remove formaldehyde because the roots of the plants have a kind of symbiotic bacteria, it can absorb formaldehyde into nutrients. But it absorbs formaldehyde amount is very limited, and the plants absorb formaldehyde by photosynthesis, can only work in the daytime, evening plants and breathe out harmful gases, so plants to absorb formaldehyde alone, the effect is not obvious. And if it is in the room with severe formaldehyde, it is the plant that can remove formaldehyde, such as the green luo, the crane and the tiger, and so on.

Shi jun, a professor of botany at the Chinese academy of sciences, also points out that neither bamboo charcoal nor green plants can help to remove formaldehyde. Shi Jun a example, experimental personnel will be put in nearly saturated steam formaldehyde, bamboo charcoal bamboo charcoal formaldehyde adsorption capacity up to 68 mg per gram, but the key problem is that bamboo charcoal can't lock the formaldehyde, because once the full absorption of formaldehyde bamboo charcoal in no formaldehyde pollution in the empty room, the formaldehyde will quickly release bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal per gram within three hours of formaldehyde content dropped to 34 mg, 1 days later dropped to 1.6 milligrams.

Shi also pointed out that many green plants are not "cold" to formaldehyde, and some plants are even sensitive to formaldehyde gas. For example, in the environment of formaldehyde concentration of 0.1 mg per cubic meter, 95% of the leaves were injured. When the formaldehyde concentration reaches 0.4 mg per cubic meter, safflower sorrel can only be strong for 3 hours, and then the whole leaf becomes brown and dehydrated, and it becomes dry grass.

The molecular weight of formaldehyde is very small, and the effects of chemical methods or physical methods such as activated carbon adsorption are not particularly good. She suggests that you can control from the source, for example, when choosing furniture, choose products with low formaldehyde content, and pay attention to open Windows when the room is newly decorated. "Generally in good ventilation, three to six months, it's about the same. So if the decoration has a peculiar smell, you can open the window for a period of time, which is the most effective and economical way.

She said that the effect of activated carbon on the organic pollutants of benzene, a large molecule, is still possible, but the adsorption of formaldehyde is not good. However, there are a lot of modified activated carbon or activated carbon with catalyst load can have a certain effect on formaldehyde. "If it's really no conditions of ventilation room, can put a large bundle of activated carbon, but be sure to put a fan blowing by it, and let the air flow to make the polluted air through the surface of the activated carbon, such ability make a purifying effect."

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