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History Of Bamboo Chopsticks

- May 22, 2017 -

1. The age of bronze------the era of the 2100-BC 771

At this time, the chopsticks, many for the bamboo chopsticks, tooth bone chopsticks and copper chopsticks, length between 17,118 centimeters, many for the plain cylindrical body, modelling monotonous.

2. Chopsticks-east to Tang is called chopsticks (AD 770-A.D. 960)

At this time, the chopsticks are more than the shape of the foot-shaped cylindrical, there are a small number of Ling-type, more materials to bamboo, gold, silver.

3. Chopsticks--The song has been called chopsticks (AD 960-so far)

At this time the chopsticks shape appeared the first Fang. The so-called "first Party", that is, the upper is square; Full Circle ", that is, the lower part of the chopsticks is round, and in the process also began to innovate constantly, there are carved, engraved and so on.

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