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How Is The Bamboo Cutting Board Selected And Maintained

- Jan 22, 2018 -

When the choose and buy bamboo cutting board, don't buy that kind of special color white, it's best to smell the smell of the cutting board, if there is a sour smell, is likely to be in sulphur fumigation bleached, or adhesive, and adhesive glue containing harmful substances. It is best to choose glue-free, which is to take the bamboo board with bolt fastening technology or whole bamboo noodle. It is not easy to fabricate the texture of bamboo.

Even with bamboo board, after cutting vegetables every day, it is better to sterilize the board, can adopt the following method: washing and ironing. Use a hard brush and clean water to wash the dishes, then boil the water with boiling water, dry in the sun, and do not give the bacteria a place to live; The scraping salt method. After each use cutting board (especially after chop the meat), scrape off the surface of food residue, juice, scrub with water, and then into the concentration (15%) in salt water for 2 hours, then take out to dry, such not only can kill bacteria, can prevent board weather-shack. It is important to note that if the bamboo board is glued together, it is better not to boil it in hot water, so as not to break the board.

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