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How To Choose The Best Chinese Chopsticks

- Nov 11, 2017 -


Anyone who knows how to use Chinese chopsticks loves to flaunt his/ her talent and enjoys a lot at picking at those tiny grains of rice or fettuccine with a great grace and aplomb! And why not so, when mastering the art of eating with Chinese chopsticks isn’t as easy as it seems. It requires dedicated practice and 5-6 good hearty oriental meals before you can manage to transfer food using Chinese chopsticks without throwing it about the table or the floor.

On the other hand, using hair chopsticks is pretty simple and rewarding as it beautifully enhances your personality and adds a lot of glamor. It’s kind of amusing how the same set of Chinese chopsticks seem so difficult to operate while using them to eat and are so easy to place on your hair in a stylish or a chic oriental bun.

If you have been using Chinese chopsticks then seeing chopsticks holders along side your Chinese food order must have stopped intimidating you but if you still haven’t found comfort with the long sticks then you may be tempted to use those stainless steel chopsticks in your hair rather than for your food.

Using Chinese Chopsticks requires practice, grace and patience!

You won’t learn how to Chinese chopsticks at your first meal. All you’ll learn is how to best hold them and from them on, it’s your own practice (struggle) with the wooden or stainless steel chopsticks. Let’s see how to best use Chinese chopsticks:

Place the stick between your thumb and index finger I.e the first finger. Chopsticks were traditionally built as extensions of fingers. So you have to perceive them as extensions of your which have to be used to pick the finely chopped and cut food grains. It may seem a bit difficult in the beginning but as time will pass, it will be a matter of seconds before you clear all your Chinese food using Chinese chopsticks!

It’s also interesting to know that people who love eating Chinese chopsticks are very careful and selective of the hair chopsticks or the Chinese chopsticks they pick from the lot. Some prefer stainless steel chopsticks others want wooden chopsticks and some are even ready to pay a fortune for exclusive ivory Chinese chopsticks. Ivory chopsticks are pretty popular as hair chopsticks because of their design and appearance.

Many Chinese restaurants are also very picky about the chopsticks holders they serve along with the food. This is simply because hospitality industry is as much about presentation as it is about serving high quality. So you’ll find beautifully carved and intricately created Chopsticks holders with equally embellished Chinese chopsticks.

The world of chopsticks is interesting and elegant and well they are indispensable to the oriental culture and millions of Chinese/ Japanese and also Korean people who use it in place of forks and spoons every day!

Trade your cutlery for a day and see how much it is to eat with those good-old oriental Chinese chopsticks!

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