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How To Identify Chopsticks

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The influence is healthy

In life, most family chopsticks are mixed, and the method of cleaning chopsticks is not correct. If use such chopsticks for a long time, easy to get the digestive tract disease, such as hepatitis, dysentery, acute gastroenteritis and so on.

The time of one-time chopsticks can breed all kinds of mold, if the disposable chopsticks that use mildew for a long time, the light person can lead to infectious diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive diseases. Severe moldy chopsticks can breed yellow aspergillus and produce "aflatoxin", a substance widely believed to induce liver cancer.

Compared with disposable chopsticks, household chopsticks are more likely to deteriorate. Using high frequency and long - term water washing, the chopsticks are very high in water content and become a hotbed of bacterial growth. Such as yellow grape fungus, e. coli. Put chopsticks in the cabinet for a long time, can make chopstick change the likelihood more than 5 times, general chopsticks use half year should change.

When using chopsticks, some colorful chopsticks should not be used. Although the chopsticks are beautiful, the shape is also changed a lot, but just these beautiful chopsticks are not recommended to use. Because of the heavy metals, lead and organic solvent benzene in the coating, the body will produce many unknown hidden dangers, affecting the health.

Overdue hidden trouble

Nearly 50% of the people in the body have the helicobacter pylori that causes stomach trouble, and most of these bacteria are family spread, and chopsticks are one of the important channels of communication. Therefore, chopsticks are most like toothbrushes, replaced every 3 to 6 months. Chopsticks only at above 100 ℃ in boiling water for 5 minutes, can achieve ideal sterilization effect, it is best to use disinfection cabinet. The use of mouldy chopsticks can induce liver cancer, and the family chopsticks have a shelf life, preferably six months.

Expired identification

If the marks on the chopsticks are not bamboo or wood, they are very moldy and can not be used again.

The chopsticks appear moist, or they appear bent and deformed, indicating that they have been damp or shelved for too long, and may well have passed the expiration date.

Smell, if there is an obvious sour taste, is the mark of pollution or expired, cannot continue to use.

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