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How To Maintain The Chopsticks

- Jan 10, 2018 -

First, the family try not to mix chopsticks. Because of mixing, it is easy to cause some diseases to cross infection. Studies have shown that nearly half of people have h. pylori that causes stomach problems, and most of these bacteria are spread through families, and chopsticks are one of the most important media. Therefore, the family chopsticks had better be dedicated to the special person.

Secondly, clean the chopsticks thoroughly. Many Chinese families wash their chopsticks with a lot of energy, and the chopsticks are laid under the faucet, and then they are ready to be washed. As a result, it is easy to grow bacteria on the chopsticks and enter the body with food, which endangers people's health. The correct washing method should be: wash the chopsticks carefully with dishwashing liquid, drain the water, then put in the chopsticks tube. Moreover, the chopsticks barrel should choose hollow, the bottom does not water, and do often clean, disinfect.

Finally, the chopsticks should be replaced frequently. In many families, a pair of chopsticks is often used in two or three years. But once the chopsticks are used for a long time, the surface is no longer smooth, and often scrubbing is easy to make the chopsticks rough, there are many small grooves, very easy to remain bacteria. Therefore, chopsticks should be replaced every six months.

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