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How To Select High-quality Bamboo Sticks And Toothpicks

- Feb 05, 2018 -

With the pursuit of healthy and fashionable life, toothpick bamboo is a must for life. What should consumers pay attention to when choosing a toothpick bamboo stick? In order to protect the health of consumers, here we briefly introduce the selection of healthy and environment-friendly low-carbon bamboo toothpicks.

1.the first is very important in material selection, generally should choose nanzhu, refined materials such as bamboo toothpicks, bamboo sticks, because nanzhu, belongs to the natural organic material such as bamboo, and growth cycle fast, made of toothpicks, nanzhu bamboo materials such as bamboo sticks has the characteristics of natural environmental protection low carbon, and nanzhu growth cycle without any pollution, such as natural and healthy.

2.consumers can smell finished toothpick stick is to identify the quality of bamboo toothpicks, general process of natural bamboo toothpicks with bamboo fresh scent, if taste acrid smell sulfur, toothpick joined the sulfur in the process of production, rather than through advanced process of high temperature disinfection.

3.look at the color of the finished product bamboo toothpicks can also identify the quality of bamboo toothpicks, through high temperature disinfection of bamboo toothpicks has the characteristic such as colour and lustre is natural, basic and nanzhu yellow color silk, if bamboo toothpicks too white or yellow, that means inside the bamboo toothpicks added additives or hazardous substances.

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