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Improper Use Of Toothpick Hazards

- May 22, 2017 -

The first is lax disinfection, mismanagement of the toothpick easy to cause disease. Ren grabbed the toothpick on the side of a variety of bacteria, viruses will pass through toothpicks into the human body, according to the Ministry of Health Laboratory tests, a small toothpick on the "hidden" tens of thousands of of bacteria.

The second is improper use of toothpicks, will lead to periodontal disease. If there is no plug teeth or improper use of toothpicks will cause gum inflammation, gum atrophy, tooth gap increased and lead to periodontal disease, must not be pushed into the teeth of the toothpick area, because this will not have clearance of the gap between the teeth increase caused by periodontal diseases.

The third is to carry a toothpick carelessly can endanger life. According to Jinan Oral hospital introduction, there are consumers with toothpicks accidentally swallowed into the belly, the small intestine worn out, after the hospital emergency surgery to remove from the body, almost lost his life, similar patients recently admitted to the hospital in two cases.

The other is that wooden toothpicks cause huge consumption of wood. According to the relevant statistics, the national consumption of more than 600 billion toothpicks each year, if the timber production consumes 1.6 million cubic meters of timber, equivalent to 2.03 million mu of wood; bamboo is used to produce 1.4 million tons of bamboo, equivalent to 700,000 mu of bamboo, South Korea, Japan and other developed countries have been fully banned wooden toothpicks. At the same time, the toothpick production process and use of environmental pollution.

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