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Modern Bamboo Furniture Collection Board And Solid Wood Furniture Advantages In One.

- Apr 28, 2018 -

The furniture that USES bamboo to make is what we call bamboo furniture, it is a kind of very environmental protection furniture, assemble the advantage of board type and solid wood furniture, be liked by many friends. And our country is the big country of bamboo, also have the long history that makes furniture. Let's take a look at this in more detail.

, there is one of the oldest bamboo furniture all kinds of original wood furniture, with the improvement of human living standards, from only pay attention to the material life of food and clothing to the later, to the present high quality spiritual and cultural life, material also from the original bamboo bamboo furniture, bamboo and bamboo skin become bamboo composite plate is bamboo integrated timber, is a kind of standardization, can be widely used material, for the development and expansion of bamboo furniture industry, created the extremely advantageous condition.

Relative to board type furniture, bamboo furniture more environmental protection and durable, and relative to the solid wood furniture, bamboo furniture, more fashion, simple, can tear open outfit, cost-effective, it can be said that the bamboo furniture is to use the material and the traditional connection technology of solid wood class, plate class style and can tear open outfit structure, assembled plate and the advantage of solid wood furniture into an organic whole, and avoid their shortcomings. In recent years, environmental experts have found that bamboo is the most tenacious environmental material on the planet, which is more difficult to break than steel and plastics, and that construction and industry should be widely adopted. Why is bamboo so tough? It is determined by its growth characteristics, it is tall and long, and the highest reaches 60 meters, which determines that the bamboo fiber must be slender and tough, so as to support its own weight and not be broken by the wind.

Bamboo furniture has broad development prospect market, bamboo furniture will be possible to replace the current medium - end panel furniture and medium - and low-end solid wood furniture. According to the current production process, the bamboo furniture can be divided into three types: the modern plate structure is made of bamboo, which can be processed by standard parts. At present, bamboo furniture already completely can realize industrialized production and the modular of furniture, advocate natural, simple, environmental protection characteristic in integral design.

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