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The Bamboo Fiber Market Pattern Makes The Product Diversification.

- May 04, 2018 -

With the development of new fibers and new fabrics, bamboo fiber manufacturers are also exploring the process products that meet the requirements of low-carbon and environmental protection and satisfy the customers' comfort and personalized requirements.

Double concave and convex fabric is suitable for rapier loom. It is mainly made of bamboo fiber. It has a small amount of polyester/cotton or pure polyester products. It is heavy and weighs about 320~430 per square meter. This kind of product mainly USES jacquard technology and the cooperation of double layer organization design, makes the product looks stereo feeling stronger, deeply consumer likes, best-selling American and other international market.

The weft double spray, multi-jet high density bamboo fiber fabric is made by weaving the weft two - jet, three - spray and six - spray. This kind of bamboo fiber fabric is made of high proportion long-staple cotton fabric, with fine cloth and strong luster. The cloth is thick and soft, with a unique style, which is mainly used in high-grade bedding.

Multi - arm jacquard series fabric is made of electronic multi - arm device. Electronic dobby device can produce 16 pages within all kinds of jacquard, the main varieties of the market at present is the 60 80 jacquard and jacquard, with large drawing-in cycle, complex pattern, this kind of fabric used in hotel, hotel bedding.

Jacquard fabric weaving process is complex, the use of warp and weft interweave, ups and downs into a different pattern, with large amplitude and exquisite patterns, colour is pure, distinct, concave and convex have send, stereo sense is strong, etc, thus production difficulty and high cost. However, this product is high added value, suitable for producing high-end bamboo fiber home textile products.

In order to adapt to changing market conditions, improve product quality, improve the bamboo enterprises in the market competitiveness and ability to resist risks, a lot of bamboo fiber textile enterprises are increasing in exploring bamboo fiber fabric, positive for the downstream in the industry of bamboo fiber enterprises improve product added value, provide more space and strong guarantee.

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