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The Development Trend Of Bamboo Products Manufacturing Industry.

- Apr 22, 2018 -

China's GDP grew at 7.7 percent in 2013, and the economy was in a reasonable range, but it was the lowest since the financial crisis. With China's economic structural reform adjustment, China's GDP growth rate of less than 8% will become the new normal. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, China's bamboo products manufacturing industry remains resilient. Compared with the annual growth of the lumber market, the market share of bamboo products has been rising steadily, and the growth and development of the market have been rapidly promoted by the high growth rate of 35.7% in 2012. In 2013, Lin Cai market entered after much larger growth generally downward, but the sharp tightening in weak contrast timber market, bamboo timber market only show a slight decline (see chart 6), is accompanied by a gradual recovery and improve the economic environment at home and abroad, the bamboo products manufacturing markets, bamboo timber market will quickly open the gate.

At the same time, as the ecological environment deteriorates, the call for global ecological security and global warming is high, and all countries have made strong demands on the protection of forest resources. The scarcity of forest resources and the economic and social development, the rigid demand for wood is increasingly acute. In response to the social and economic rapid development the present situation of the growing demand for forest resources, bamboo plant is widely used because of its all properties and biological ecology, economic value, and many other features, become the alternative choice of wood resources. Compared with the growth rate of 10 to 15 years, bamboo can be accomplished in 3 to 5 years, and the success of afforestation can be achieved annually. The ecological benefits of "bamboo wood" will no longer be the conceptual level. At present, the annual output of about 1.5 billion root bamboo, amount to more than 2300 cubic meters of wood, with the breakthrough of bamboo industry key technology and the development of logistics industry, product varieties and greatly enrich and improve the quality and the production and operating costs have fallen sharply, the bamboo product consumption will completely get rid of the past regional features, more conform to the concept of green, ecology, environmental protection, health and cost-effective bamboo products into the consumption field, the contrast of wood products of various advantage will gradually reveal (specific to such as shown in table 1), show bamboo products manufacturing industry giant market prospect.

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