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The Macro Dilemma Of Bamboo Flooring Industry In Domestic Market

- May 04, 2018 -

The development of the diversified floor industry gives birth to various types of flooring. More experts and scholars are more willing to interpretation from the macroscopic field of bamboo flooring industry, because this industry development up to now still no breakthrough in the domestic market "trapped" of macro, an industry is not strong, and strong enterprise cannot achieve real strategic objectives. From the perspective of quantity, bamboo flooring industry seems to have many opportunities. By 2005, the production of bamboo floor in China reached 30 million square meters. From the perspective of ecological and long-term development, the bamboo floor industry also seems to be more in line with the concept of people's home, such as the environment that is deeply rooted in people's minds. For example, one country or even the international community has been advocating renewable; From the point of view of the enterprise, it is the same with the reinforced floor raw materials, bamboo is rooted in China, it can omit the import logistics and other expenses... However, these so-called potential advantages are not translated into competitive advantage, and the production and sales of bamboo flooring are still unable to compare with the three floor categories popular in the market. Why is this?

Appearance: the deep-rooted cultural atmosphere restricted the development of bamboo flooring industry.

Many people in the industry believe that the bamboo flooring industry is unable to compare with the wooden floor industry, the most fundamental root is the influence of culture. Look from the surface, this view is right, 1 in China, wood and bamboo cultures have long standing and well established, but from the spread and use of perspective, there are large difference between the two, the ancient "ChengMu huai" plot has had an extremely profound influence, therefore, wood, represents the popular culture; And bamboo, because of the limitation of region growing, empty inside, even use can be used as a building and so on, are a few of the tribal areas, also in the eyes of more Chinese bamboo, is associated with novelty, so reusing these words.

Intangible cultural differences make more people prefer to use wooden floors instead of bamboo floors. However, this is not the only and most important reason, because the cultural influence is profound, but it can be cracked and corrected. The author thinks that the more important things are not the cultural reasons, but the industrial orientation and the industrial development planning factors.

Deep: bamboo floor heavy international, light domestic practice has lost the domestic market the best opportunity.

Bamboo floor as a kind of very characteristic floor type, bamboo because the heat conduction coefficient is low, oneself do not produce cool exothermic, so winter warm summer cool, and chromatic difference is small. Because of this, bamboo flooring is popular among many countries, the export price is high, the benefit is good.

So when the wood industry in China so when, in the domestic market more bamboo flooring enterprises focus on the foreign countries, according to statistics, China's production is exported more than 60% of the bamboo floor. This period of time, where the Chinese wood floor industry strong rising stage, the wood floor at the same time in the occupation of ceramic tile market step by step, the birth of the wooden floor of numerous well-known enterprises, such as in the field of aggrandizement floor iconography, fellig, real wood floor is in the field of nature, essence, etc., more importantly, 1 wood floor industry found suits own market operation pattern, that is distributor, distribution pattern. In a few short years, the wooden floor not only occupied the domestic market, but not occupied the domestic market consumer group "consumption thought". When the export is affected, the bamboo flooring enterprises back home, already difficult. How will bamboo flooring develop in the fierce competition?

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