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The Origin And Function Of Toothpicks

- Jan 15, 2018 -

America's first patent for a toothed machine was patented on February 20, 1872 by inventors Silas Noble and j. p. Cooley of Granville, Massachusetts. And America's self-proclaimed king of the world manufacturing toothpicks in Maine, said 90% of the world's toothpick come from Maine (annual output of about fifty billion root toothpicks, Maine, people have a nickname for "big ChiKe (Down - Eaters)". Toothpicks are also one of the main items that americans choke on.

As a result of environmental awareness, toothpick manufacturers are using wood to make toothpicks.

In ancient Chinese poetry, toothpicks are often referred to as "toothpicks" rather than toothpicks.


Toothpick, usually a small stick with a tip or two tips, also with a front-end hook, a sharp toothpick with a flat head, can be broken off to hold a toothpick. Usually made of bamboo, wood or metal. It can be used to clean the mouth, remove tartar and remove foreign or food debris in the crevices of the teeth. It has a wide range of USES and is almost universal for people around the world. It is usually available in restaurants, hotels, restaurants and homes. However, if used frequently, it will cause the teeth to become larger.

There is no conclusive evidence yet, but archaeologists have found similar grooves in the teeth of prehistoric people.

 The remnants of small bamboo sticks were found between the teeth. In the United States, the first to use a toothpick is the Union Oyster House, a seafood restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, which is also the oldest restaurant in the country. Toothpick is likely to be a harvard student "invention", invented a toothpick entrepreneurs at the time of trying to harvard students as the best customers, and even pay harvard students eat in the restaurant, only to let them try a toothpick.

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