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The Patent Generation Of Bamboo Toothpick

- May 22, 2017 -

The United States ' first toothpick-making machine was patented February 20, 1872 by Silas Noble and J. Granville, Massachusetts inventor. P. Cooley applied successfully. The United States Maine State called the world's toothpick manufacturing king, claiming that 90% of the world's toothpicks are produced from Maine State (annual output of about 50 billion toothpicks, making Maine State people have nicknamed "Big Eats Guest (Down-Eaters)" said. In addition, toothpicks are one of the main items that Americans choke on the esophagus.

Today, as a result of environmental awareness, toothpick manufacturers gradually use wood to make toothpicks.

In Chinese ancient poetry, toothpicks are often referred to as "the teeth" of the book "sign", rather than the teeth of the toothpick.

In Hawaii, there was a Chinese restaurant because an old woman using toothpicks to pick teeth bleeding, the judge decided not to specify the use of toothpicks in writing and the risk of compensation for the old Lady millions of, so in the United States up to 2012 toothpick box on the use of toothpicks and the risk of improper use.

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