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Under The Background Of Green And Low Carbon Consumption, Bamboo Products Manufacturing Industry Or New Strength.

- Apr 22, 2018 -

I. industry overview.

Bamboo is an important ecological, industrial and cultural resource, mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. In our country is the main bamboo producing countries in the world, according to the eighth national forest resource inventory, according to the results of bamboo in China with a total area of 6.01 million hectares, more than 7 times inventory growth of 11.69%, bamboo resources, accumulation and production area of bamboo forest, bamboo and bamboo products of foreign trade are the highest in the world, known as "bamboo kingdom" reputation. With advances in science and technology, the bamboo industry to extend the processing manufacturing industry is booming, a bamboo already can be realized from bamboo, bamboo, bamboo leaves, and even to all the bamboo, the bamboo powder using: bamboo root carving, bamboo flooring, furniture, bamboo shoots, ZhuBian for arts and crafts, the extracted from bamboo leaves biological medicine intermediates, antioxidant agent, bamboo industry waste materials, including bamboo shavings, bamboo powder, bamboo can also be processed into bamboo charcoal series products. At present in our country by the bamboo to bamboo products, and then to direct the consumer of the whole industry chain have begun to take shape, and horticulture, forest tourism, forest food industry and four sunrise industry known as the Chinese forestry development.

Ii. Scale of industry market.

Bamboo as a kind of renewable resource, is the low carbon and circulation of the ecological environment friendly energy-saving products and important raw materials, its products in the market since the 1970 s began to focus on; In the 1980s, its finished products were initially developed. In the 1990s, relevant processing technology was introduced from abroad. Since 2000, it has become the focus of China's export commodities. In recent years, China's bamboo industry has been operating at full speed, and the scale of industry has been gradually expanded, and significant progress has been made in the processing and comprehensive utilization of bamboo. The process of bamboo industrialization has been significantly accelerated.

(1) overall growth of bamboo products manufacturing industry in China.

After more than 30 years of development, China's bamboo products manufacturing industry has rapidly grown into a vibrant and vibrant market, becoming one of the fastest growing market for bamboo products. According to the latest data released by the wind, as of September 2015, the number accumulated large bamboo products manufacturing industry enterprises in our country has reached 601, bamboo products manufacturing workforce rising at the same time. And at the end of 2014 the sales income is 6415830.10 ten thousand yuan, compared to the beginning of 2001, 432885.14 product sales income is ten thousand yuan bamboo products manufacturing industry has increased more than 14 times, annual growth faster than GDP growth rate. At the same time, along with the improving of the content of science and technology of bamboo products manufacturing industry, further expanding profit space, can grab the bamboo products in September 2012 to 2015, industry profit total integral order, as shown in figure 1:

(2) share and growth of bamboo products in each province.

Bamboo products from the exterior design to the inner quality are continuously in the realization of the breakthrough, China's bamboo resources advantage is fully released. According to the latest figures released by the wind, the bamboo product sales in 2013 totalled 1.5100241 billion, number 2004 478.5191 million root growth as high as 215.56%, and sichuan, fujian, guangxi, yunnan, zhejiang, jiangxi area became the bamboo product sales volume expansion and growth of the largest contribution to the promotion of provinces and the provinces in 2014-2013 bamboo product sales distribution is shown in figure 2:2013 years ago the seven provinces of sales accounted for 86.21% of the sales of bamboo products, bamboo products in 2010-2012, 87.06%, 88.37%, 87.06% of the proportion than stay at a stable level. Before 2013, the bamboo product sales is seven provinces of guangxi, fujian, yunnan, zhejiang, sichuan, guangdong, jiangxi, compared with 2011 bamboo product sales in the first seven provinces, influenced by climate factors, in addition to the sichuan market share was dropped substantially, from a certain degree of growth of other provinces accounted, 2011-2013 years ago seven provinces of bamboo product sales accounted for in figure 3, such as bamboo green, natural, environmental protection, ecological consumption concept is gradually being accepted by the market background, the field of bamboo gate open quickly, among them the king of the "bamboo" is located in jiangxi province, covers an area of 11.4765 million mu of bamboo, 26% of the total area of the bamboo forest. However, the bamboo species of jiangxizhu is mostly nanzhu, its leaves are thick and green, the bamboo stems are thick and the bamboo is tall, and the advantaged resource advantage lays a solid foundation for the development of jiangxi bamboo processing industry. In recent years in jiangxi province, and through the enterprise integration, industry adjustment, technology innovation, market regulation, make to improve the comprehensive utilization of bamboo and depth processing comprehensively, with the national bamboo product sales growth momentum, in a certain market share, in 2005-2013, jiangxi bamboo product sales as shown in figure 4: according to Jiang Xizhu industry association statistics, in 2014, jiangxi bamboo industry output value of 30 billion yuan, a 12.2% increase over 2013, 2013 yuan, of which 13.6 million square meters of bamboo flooring, bamboo integrated timber, 812 million yuan, bamboo plate 14.6 million square meters, 124800 pieces of bamboo furniture, the bamboo industry has gradually become the jiangxi provincial, city and county, one of the important pillar industry of the agricultural development.

(3) market development of bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring at home and abroad since the eighty s into the consumer market, with high hardness, high strength, good elasticity, texture straight and advantages of reasonable structure, strong stability, not easy to deformation characteristics in the consumer's demand. Thousands of national main floor production enterprise at present, more than the above designated size, but the bamboo floor and wooden floor, compound floor market competition is intense, bamboo floor only accounts for about 10% domestic market share of the floor, the production of bamboo flooring reached more than 60% exported to foreign countries, are sold to more than 40 countries and regions, to become the world's major export bamboo flooring production base. According to the state forestry administration issued "the national bamboo industry development planning" incomplete statistics, in 2011 the national bamboo flooring production of 779600 cubic meters, including the national bamboo plywood production of bamboo veneer production in jiangxi province each year by about 10%, as shown in the figure below:

(4) market development of bamboo furniture.

Bamboo furniture refers to the original bamboo or bamboo set of materials, bamboo wood-based panels for the base material, development and production of furniture supplies. In recent years, along with bamboo integrated timber, bamboo reorganization of material processing technology improvement, the bamboo surface with dense natural straight texture, bamboo strewn at random have send, used for bamboo furniture manufacture is very beautiful. The new bamboo integrated timber furniture modelling concise and lively and stretches the smooth lines, pursue furniture function diversified, its design can achieve integration relationship with architecture design, interior design and have the function of the bearing space integration. According to the "national bamboo industry development plan" released by the state forestry administration, the annual production of bamboo furniture in China was 674.85 million in 2011. Including guangxi, chongqing, zhejiang, sichuan, hunan, jiangxi six provinces and regions for bamboo furniture is the main production areas in China, the six provinces of 92.02% of the country's production, the bamboo furniture has set up a batch of well-known brands in the domestic market.

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