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Common sense of bamboo floor maintenance.

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Proper use and maintenance is very important to maintain the beautiful and durable bamboo flooring. In recent years, with the development of bamboo processing industry, more and more users are using bamboo flooring, and consumers are becoming more and more satisfied with this product. However, because some users do not know much about the maintenance and maintenance of bamboo flooring, it is also common to complain about problems in use. In this case, it is necessary for the manufacturer to do well after sales service, and the consumers need to know the use of knowledge, so as to maintain the interests of both parties. The following points should be noted in the daily use of bamboo flooring:

(1) keep the indoor ventilated and dry environment.

Keep indoor ventilated frequently, can make the chemical substance in the floor as far as possible volatilize, platoon is outdoors, can make indoor damp air and outdoor exchange again. Especially in the long time no one lives, maintenance, indoor ventilation is more important. Common practice is: often open the window or the door, make the air convection, or adopt the air conditioning system and the ventilation system, thereby creating the indoor dry and clean environment.

(2) avoid sun exposure and rain.

Some houses sunlight or rain can directly from the window into the local area, this will be harmful to bamboo flooring. The sun will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue, and will cause dry shrinkage and cracking of the floor. When the rain gets wet, the bamboo will absorb water to cause the expansion deformation, and serious will make the floor mold. Therefore, special attention should be paid to daily use.

(3) avoid damaging the surface of the floor.

Bamboo floor paint is the adornment layer of the floor, and the protective layer of the floor, therefore, should avoid hard, sharp, such as scratch, the friction of the metal chemicals cannot be stored in indoor. In addition, indoor furniture is in move, should handle with care when move, the foot of furniture should put rubber skin to wait. Public places should be covered in the main channel carpet and so on.

(4) proper cleaning and handling.

In daily use, the floor should be cleaned regularly to keep the floor clean and clean. Clean, can use first clean broom to sweep the dust and debris, and then wipe with dry dishcloth artificial water, such as the area is too big, can be jue put clean, then hang up to drip dry, used for pulling the net on the ground. You can't wash it with water, or you can't clean it with a damp rag or mop. In normal times, if water is splashed on the ground, use dry cleaning cloth to wipe dry.

If the condition permits, it can also be separated for a period of time to type a floor wax to strengthen the protection of the floor. If the paint surface is damaged, you can repair it with ordinary varnish or ask the manufacturer to repair it.

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