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What Is The Production Process Of Bamboo Furniture?

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Modern people are inclined to bamboo furniture when choosing furniture, and with the diversification of bamboo furniture type and design, it is loved by the majority of consumers. Modern bamboo furniture is made of bamboo, so what is bamboo? What is the production process of bamboo furniture? Let's take a look at this in more detail.

Now bamboo furniture is the important direction of environmental protection low carbon household life nowadays, it is a kind of cultural connotation, is healthy, more fashionable household lives, the bamboo furniture is made by the present processing technology and the natural production of raw materials, the production of bamboo furniture is first carried out on the bamboo processing, stay after the completion of the raw material processing is a series of bamboo furniture production process, the specific process is as follows:

1. The framework of bamboo furniture.

The skeleton of bamboo furniture can reflect not only the general shape of bamboo furniture, but also the main part that bear force. The skeleton is made with the bending of the skeleton bamboo and the joint of the skeleton.

1-1 skeleton bamboo segment bending.

That is, the bamboo is bent into the skeleton of bamboo furniture. There are fire bending method, grooving bending method, saw triangle groove bending method and so on.

1-2- skeleton joint.

When the bamboo is bent, it can be combined with other round bamboo or bamboo pieces to form a real bamboo furniture skeleton. There are many ways to join, such as stick, t, cross, L, arched, jointed, interfacing, and so on. The joint of the skeleton needs to use log core, bamboo nails, iron nails, glue mixture to achieve good results.

2. Processing of the surface layer.

The surface layer of bamboo furniture is very important in both use and decoration. Therefore, it must be carefully processed to meet the design requirements. Bamboo furniture is usually made of bamboo, bamboo, rattan and bamboo. It can also be made of wood, plywood, fiberboard, plastic board and sofa cushions.

3. Component assembly

According to the specified technical requirements, the parts of a number of processed bamboo furniture parts are called the component assembly of bamboo furniture. It includes the dimensions of the parts, the hole, the pin and the shape of the finishing process.

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